Using "I'm too busy" as an excuse...

May 23, 2015

 I have learned over the years that when people want to make time to see you, speak to you or call you, they make it happen. I speak from experience, I find myself  to be a very busy person with a hectic schedule between work, my children, my Positive life and my commitment to my Queenz...But when you reach out to me, I will always find the time to reply back in a reasonable time.  I have come across a lot of people that have used the busy term as an excuse to stay away and just not deal with you. I mean really how hard is to call, text or hit someone on their phone or even social networks? Back in the days before the internet in order for you to stay in touch, you either traveled to the persons neighborhood wrote a letter to their home or called them on their house (and now that seems so long ago). 


In the beginning when you meet people and everything is exciting and new you are constatntly calling, texting, video chatting, emailing, asking "WYD?" 10 times a day! This I call the honeymoon period, which last anywhere from 1 to 3 months give or take a couple of days, lol. Your on the phone for hours creating marathons for the longest conversations, is so exciting and emotionally engaging.


But then the calls become less, the replys to your texts are a waiting process for those ... 3 dots on your phone screen. They stop liking all your pics on FB and IG But you know they still checking out your social pages, this is where I feel the conversation of communication needs to take place, just don't use the line "I have been busy" or "Is not you is me" and the famous "I wasn't ready." what a slap to your intelligence, I rather hear listen "I'm just not that into you anymore" or "I have realized I have bite more than I could chew with you." or simply don't begin a realtionship when you know you are not going to commit or follow up. Is just very unfair to spark that fire in someone's heart to then dim it with your harsh reality that they have invested time in something that is not going to blossom.  


I just don't get why go so far that the love word is being exchanged but the actions of love don't match it.  People are truly complex and entertaining but you have to own Self Love first so that you don't allow anyone to step in your life and play with your emotions for their personal gain.  So the next time you get caught up in this similar situation recognize the red flags and always follow your gut, if it walks like a duck, it is a duck!! ~ @EmmaE2K♛


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