My Battle Scars...

April 2, 2016


Because nobody goes through life without scars...All my battle scars are not physical, the physical ones are reminders of my past life and I wear them like a badge of wisdom. But we all carry a lot of emotional scars, the ones that people can't see right away when they meet you, those are the most dangerous ones, if we don't make the attempt to heal them, those are the ones that come back to haunt us later on in our lives.


But in my spiritual journey I have learned to embrace them, face them, deal with them and Heal them. I Love all my battle scars, it shows me all I Have survived and how much I have emotionally overcome. Thank you Jesus for loving me so much that you still have me here to do your work!


 I am part of God's Army, I am a Soldier for the Lord because he has healed so many of my scars, so I will continue to thank him all the days of my life!! 


~ EmmaE2K/Your Motivator


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