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May 31, 2016


Today I find myself in thought, due to conversations I been having with several friends during the past weeks on relationships. I usually get these calls anytime a friend, or a friend of a friend needs some unbiased advice. It doesn't matter if they are married, single, divorced, dealing with baby momma drama or baby daddy issues, it all boils down to the same thing. Let's be honest, we all want to be right, we want everyone to agree that what we are doing is always the correct thing and the other party is wrong. We trip so much on being right and speaking that we take no accountability in what we bring to the situation, man we don't even hear because we too busy talking and convincing ourselves and others that our way is the best way and sometimes even the only way.


But in order to truly understand anyone, we must first get to know ourselves, our downfalls and issues and deal with our insecurities so we can be best equipped to stand in front of anyone and not be so defensive therefore allowing us to be able to communicate better. The key here is establishing a respectful communication for the purpose of something greater than you, yes that calls for us to be less selfish. Yeah and you must be asking, is that even possible? lol. Well the answer is absolutely YES.


We come into people's lives at different stages, so the best thing from the beginning is to meet them where they currently at, decide if we see potential in their ability to rise from their situation and if you decide to stay then love them through their transformation. As for me if God is not in the mist of it all then your setting yourself up for failure. There has to be some sort of Greater Faith in order to keep you going through your trials and tribulations. Sometimes we want to change a person but fail to see them for how they were created to be, we have to find the one that is equally yoked, and to do that we have to appeal to a Supreme being, The Creator of all things, The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. We run around like spoiled children, wanting what we want But Never stopping to ask is this what I need? We live in a microwave society, we want everything yesterday or less than 60 seconds.


So today I ask that you take a moment to evaluate your situation, be honest about your contributions to it and figure out a solution instead of pointing out the problems, decide that you going to make an unselfish attempt to make things better for all involved not just you, and if you put this in motion and realize that there is no resolution. Then you could easily move on with a clear conscience that you gave it your 100% attempt. We will never be able to please everyone but a bit of Kindness does go a long way.


So live long and prosper. Everyday is a chance to make wrong things right. Love that person looking back at you in the mirror. God Bless you,


~ EmmaE2K/Your Motivator


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