Are you a Reyna (Queen)?

June 1, 2016

I was asked today, if I was a REYNA (Queen), because I speak of fixing my crown all the time and I address myself as a Queen! and others call me by my answer:

I am a Queen with No gang affiliation , I am a Queen because is my birth right, I receive respect because I give it!, I represent for All women around the world, I am My Sister's Keeper, I support a positive women's movement, my goal is to change the way Men negatively  view us and woman using the word b%&@$  to describe another woman as a term of endearment. I see a problem with something, I move forward to make a change! We all have the power to do it, we just need some direction at times.

I help and teach other women to feel good and proud of who they are by providing motivation and inspiration to do better! By loving on them as God Loves us with no judgement, making her a great mother, aunt, sister, cousin, wife, friend and member of her community. The term "Queen" is a description of the Royal higher Archy, the Highest of elevation a woman can be seen. So to me I Salute my sisters by showing a true form of endearment in addressing them that way or by Queen/Sis, Goddess, friend. So as I adjust my crown once again, I just want to take this time to let you know that people will view you in the position you put yourself in, so be a reflection of a Positive way of living.

Motivation benefits us all as a motto is "Motivate a Queen and she shall build and run a nation."  and my Mission is to get each woman I come across to see the crown over their heads. So be amazing, stay productive, be kind to others and wear those crowns respectfully because all eyes are on you, be that great example to other young Princesses that will come to you for guidance. With great rewards there will be a sense of great responsibilities. #QueenSalute


~ EmmaE2K/Your Motivator


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