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June 1, 2016



Thank you for trusting me to advice you, I hope this helps!

The hardest thing in a relationship is trusting and allowing everyone to play their position. It can be frustrating at times because we all see things differently and we All just want to be right, But at the end what matters is that you create a loving environment where you can grow in the same space and be the best "You" that you can be! Is not about right or wrong is about what or how much we are willing to accept from the other, and how much we willing to give in return.

Learn to compromise, be willing to listen and respect each others boundaries, learning to be a comfort for your partner takes time but once you have invested that time, your partnership will benefit. understand that is not just your life your making decisions for and that your decisions affect your partner as well, good judgement is needed.

Respect them for who they are and what they contribute to the situation, value the unity of the souls, remain at Peace when sharing your views or advice! Don't compare them with others in the past that is unfair and the beginning of the end. There is NO such thing as a perfect person, but there is a thing of being with someone that's perfect for you!

People's background and their lives experiences are their own to bare, You cannot change a person that is stubborn and set in their ways, you either accept it or you have the choice to walk away. We don't owe our lives to nobody, so be very cautious on who you accept in your life and children's lives, they should earn that position, it shouldn't be handed to them just because they say they could fill it!

We All seek happiness but that word has many definitions for so many, so whatever happiness means to you, seek it safely and in reality don't ask for what you cannot give!

 ~ EmmaE2K/Your Motivator


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