When you think of servant Emma truly fits that description. It is an honor to work along side such a passionate, encouraging and giving professional. I have known Emma personally and professionally for 3 years. She is seen as a leader in her community. Her dedication and passion for serving women comes from her heart. She is an Over comer and Victor. She uses her professional and personal experience to guide her in helping change the lives of women across the nation. She has created a powerful movement that is focused on impacting the lives of women. She continues to research and educate herself on the hardships and difficulties women face. I’ve witnessed her in action and I can truly speak truth about her work ethic. She is inspiring and has allowed her experiences to be the burning flame for women every where. I recommend her as a speaker, life coach and writer. May you continue to shine. Many blessings!- by Michelle M, MA, RMHC, Therapist and Founder of As She Speaks Coaching  (March 28th, 2019)


Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have been raised by you, and I'm so glad you decided to step up and take the responsibility of raising me when no one else did, god only knows where id be right now if you didn't and I know we've had our ups and our downs but I wouldn't have it any other way, I love you mom and you're one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me. - Your first born, Pedro De Jesus (March 27, 2019)


From Day one I have worked with Emma in order to make change in community with social impact. I have seen first had how she has transformed peoples lives in who were lost. She has guided me in my personal life and advises me in my professional journey. Her professionalism is Impeccable. She takes a holistic approach to truly understand clients needs and the work together for effective and tangible results. I recommend Emma Ramos to anyone as a mentor, life coach and spiritual advisor. -Mojisola Edu - Certified Life Coach, Disabled Army Veteran, Veteran Advocate and Mentor (March 25th, 2019)



Loveee hearing you on Mondays,Yess girl..your a blessing too many and may God continue to bless you so you can pass the blessings onto others...you're Amazing..God bless you and all you doπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ  Carmen Gladys(Pepa) (Dec 10, 2018)



Enjoy you at Crossover and Friday Night Live very powerful woman. - William McCoy (Oct 17, 2018)



Love you so much Emma. You are an inspiration to so many. Thank you Sisβ™‘  - Pam T (Oct 17, 2018)


Emma is a breath of fresh air I mean I have been saved for a while since I was younger and all this time I always assume like I had to act like I had it all together but when I met Emma even though she was just giving her life to Christ she allowed me to see what God really truly wants what you just us just the way we are and for me to be able to see that in her and no judgement and love it allowed me to see God in a way that I never viewed him before not only that she's always been there for me even though I don't like telling people my problems being a good sister in Christ she can sit on my face and she always kept saying even when I don't even want to accept the help and my you are my sister that I had I've never had and I am so blessed to have met you and to have you in my life thank you for the prayers the love the clothes and the countless things that you've done for me I love you you the realest.

~ Deatrice Clark (December 8, 2017)


Where do I begin? Every time I thought I was "ok" you kept at me and showed me what true sisterhood is from beginning to end.. As a survivor you were there for me, one phone call and you were there to help me move, pack, and would stay on the phone praying with me if needed. Your love gave me the courage to love myself even more so, seek God and Gym my other G... to love myself on the inside and the outside.. We need more Queens like you. Here I am almost 40 lbs lighter not just in weight but lighter in my heart and in my mind.. The weight that came off was not just on my body but heavy in my heart... Thank you and lets continue supporting other Queens and be the motivation they need.. I hope to one day be as strong as you and have someone say to me thank you you changed my life, like you have changed mine. 

~ Ivette Valentin (December 7, 2017)


Because "you are who you are "you give the meaning to a "SiSTER" in all aspects of the way you are a leader to all not just to me I can be sure the knowledge you've given to the young princess in this lifetime are going to be future queens like you set them it to be !!! That's why your so important to all of me and we !" Love you my queen and keep up the great work that your doing.

~ Frances Gomez (November 12, 2016)


You are a light in the Dark

~ Peter Gomez (November 12, 2016)


You are important to me because through your postings I've come to love God even more. Your positive and real self inspires me and for that I thank you! Love you.

~ Olga Gonzalez-Fernandez ( November 12, 2016)


Emma E2K is a dynamic woman dedicated to eradicating social injustice through her talk show and more importantly through her work bringing light to Domestic Violence. She has donated many non perishable items to survivors in need and she is well respected and much appreciated. 
-Founder of Hunks4Hope non profit DV charity  (Feb. 1st, 2016)


Thank you for filling my walls, my home, and my life with words that push and encourage me daily.......god bless queen sister I look forward to my morning readings. 

~Monique La Jefa (May.21st, 2015)


My dearest sister, Your vision seem like yesterday, u always remained positive no matter the circumstances. Your loyalty to my family is like no other, so special you make ME feel and I want to take this opportunity to give you blessings in your journey for I truly feel honored to have you in my life. I see nothing but big things for you baby girl. Love you !

~ Liz (Dec. 31st, 2014)


Hey sis. It has been an honor to have met you. We may not know each other well enough yet but I love, respect and appreciate what you stand for. You have motivated me to do some of the things I've been wanting to do for a while. In our first mini convo I mentioned to you that i wanted to get involved w/ some of the things you do and start working w/ the community on certain project & I said my issue was not having time. You said "theres always time". Now though i have heard that before, it was something about how you said it that motivated me. So I want to thank you for that. I still find time to be an issue but i'm determined to find it. Thanks Emma for all that you do. I pray that god gives you the health, strength and continues to motivate you. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year

~ Krystle (Dec. 31st, 2014)



"I am writing lushradioonline to tell you that the show today is great! Many people are going thru depression but have no one to talk to because they are scared or ashamed. I am glad you guys had this discussion today. Tell Emma and her co-host thanks a mil! Blessings galore!"

Donna Morrision -faithful lushradioonline listener/Female Business owner 



A wise lady once told me that we are ALL QUEENS and I wanna thank her for that cause I will take that to the grave. Cause she's right we are all Queens, we are beautiful and we all deserve nothing but the best. Thank you Emma <3 your the best!

~ aidalilly_Rosa (Instagram)



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